Write Your Way To The Bank!

Writing a good article is an art that anyone can perfect with practice. How do you write the best paid SEO article? Do you know how to use keywords sparingly in your article?  Well, as I mentioned on one of my blogs, making money online by writing articles is the best way to supplement your income. However, you should learn the basics of good SEO writing and the importance of writing content that engages your target audience. Here are invaluable $1000 tips to help improve your writing so that you can join me in enjoying the many perks of freelance writing.

1. Research

You need to research carefully before you start to write an article. Who is your target audience? Where can you find great content? I usually research content in blogs where I can find concise and detailed information on any topic. This is a good place to start if you want to write an interesting article with a personal touch.

2. Use an eye catching title

The article should lure readers to your website or blog. It should be more than descriptive to grab the reader’s attention. For example, ‘’How to write a good article’’ is descriptive but ‘’ ‘’Write your way to the bank’’ is a great attention grabber. You can also use numbers to attract more readers. ‘’5 natural ways to lose weight’’ is better than ‘’ Natural ways to lose weight.

3. Simplicity is king

Aim for simplicity and clarity in your article. Try and use simple language as if you are speaking to a child. In other words, avoid excessive use of vocabularies to showcase your prowess of the English language. Can you converse with your friend using excessive vocabularies without making a mockery of yourself?

4. Write short paragraphs

Make sure your paragraphs do not contain more than five sentences. That way, readers can digest the content easily. Writing too many sentences in a paragraph will make it difficult for the reader to understand the content.

5. Use bullet points

An article with bullet points flows smoothly and this helps readers digest the content. Bullet points simply help readers to only extract points they find interesting and leave out the rest. Once you complete the article, proof read it several times or find someone to proof read for you. This will help improve the quality of your content for submission.

I personally believe that writing an article should be informative and entertaining as well. Always ensure you add a personal touch to your content.


Work from Home Article Writing – Start Making Money Today!

Did you know that you can make money online without a degree in Journalism? Well, you can start earning quick cash today if you have reliable internet connection. There are many options you can bank on if you want to make easy money online. Some practices are easy to learn and others involve financial investment.


On the hand, there are ways where you can easily make little cash by doing the simplest of tasks like manual work, commonly known as freelance writing. Writing web content is a surefire way to make money provided you can create quality content, have proper knowledge on keyword research and submitting skills.

Article writing is a great way to earn money and there are many sites you can join for free while others have a monthly subscription fee. oDesk.com is a good site to join if you are newbie looking to polish your skills. However, you need to bear in mind that oDesk is home to freelance writers from different parts of the world. If for instance you live in Germany, you cannot complete with an applicant who is willing to work for less. In other words, you have to browse the ‘’Find work’’ page to look for employers with better rates.

How do I join oDesk?

Signing up is a walk in the park. You will not pay any fees, amazing right? The application process is simple but you have to spend more time on your profile after you become a member to get familiar with the interface and rules.

How Can I Make Money on oDesk?

As a member there are a few things you should observe to ensure you get clients. To become successful on oDesk, you need to:

  • Complete your profile and include a photograph of you. Simply scroll the hire tab to see the profiles of other freelancer’s.
  • Pitch what you can offer on the objective section. This should be the best sales pitch you can think of.
  • On the employment history, list any work experience you have relevant to the job you hope to get.
  • SEO expert writing, blogging and creative writing are examples of skills that make you knowledgeable and should be listed in the skills section.
  • Take the oDesk readiness test to increase your application quota. You can do more tests to improve your chances of landing gigs.
  • You may have to take up low paying job to build your profile. When you get a 5.0 feedback score on several projects, you have a better chance to qualify for better paying gigs.
  • Be prepared to take a low or lower paying job for your first oDesk assignment. Your goal is to get good feedback.
  • Last but not least, create an eye catching cover letter. Below is an example of a great cover letter.


I would like to work with you in this interesting project. With fast typing speed and good research skills, I believe that I am the right man for the job. Kindly provide more information on the number of articles you need done in a day.


Your name ‘’

Easy, right!