Is Marriage Worth Your Sanity and Happiness?

The divorce rate today is alarming and one contributing factor is the belief that people change when they get married. Simple, they don’t! Marriage is just an institution where you celebrate your deepest love and commitment to your partner in the midst of friends and curious onlookers, with varied opinions on the expected expiry date of your union. I want to share with you a number of reasons why marriage should be the last thing on your mind. Basically, it’s all about having a list of genuine reasons why you should not get married now.

1. The stress is not worth it

How does it feel to have a girlfriend long-term? We all know how stressful dating can be. Now when you decide to get married, you may have to tolerate this stress for the rest of your life. Are you ready to commit your life to depression? That’s absolutely ridiculous, don’t you think?

2. Marriage is expensive

Marriage is very expensive as is divorce. You have to share all expenses with your better half and that means you have to ask for consent before you spend your money. Who wants that? Instead of anticipating a dreadful divorce a few years down the road, why not spend your hard earned cash on a holiday at your favorite destination point. Not only will you have fun but also appreciate the many perks of staying single.

3. You will not amass wealth

Some people end up married for monetary gains. More women today are looking for monetary security. Although there is nothing evil in finding someone who can take care of you, it should never be the basis of gauging your potential mate. Some women often forget the true meaning of love and fail to honor the institution of marriage by marrying for money. You should remember that money is the root cause of all evil. Financial wealth will never substitute love and true companionship. With that said, you should never consider marrying someone because of wealth.

4. Marriage may not guarantee security

Most women have the misconception or idealized fantasy they will have peace of mind and a sense of financial security in marriage, but few actually achieve this. In most cases, this often affects younger women who are in the process of trying to figure out their true self. They may hope and believe that older men will provide security and hence can take care of their every need. This never seems to work and most women end up hurt and resentful. As a woman, you should first get your own sense of security through financial and emotional independence.


11 thoughts on “Is Marriage Worth Your Sanity and Happiness?

  1. Some of your sentiments are true but I really don’t think marriage is that bad as you paint it to be. If you find the right person who loves you as much as you love them back; why not?…the rest comes later!

  2. Just read your post and hope you don’t mind me opposing some of your views here, in a polite and respectful way.

    1. If you are in a stressful relationship, it would be more than foolish to then get married.

    2. Marriage is only as expensive as you want it to be. The cost of the marriage certificate etc is not expensive. It only gets that way when you start wanting all the glitz of Hollywood that you can’t afford. Keep within your budget I say. Divorce only gets expensive when you both can’t agree amicable on assets, property, children etc and then LAWYERS are employed, otherwise it does not cost a great amount, as far as I know.

    3. Women are not the only ones who marry for money. Men do the exact same thing. There are some very financial and powerful women out there. You are right that you should not marry for money, it should be for love. Money comes and goes, so you may end up losing the wealth and the spouse if that was the case.

    4. I agree. It takes two for a marriage to work, and it’s not always an easy ride, you have to work at it each day. The benefits are great if you both have a mind to commitment totally to one another.

    My view is that marriage is still a good thing if you marry for the right reasons. Maybe if divorce was not made so easy, people would think twice before getting married. Interesting Post.

  3. I guess I was one of the lucky ones–been married 28 years and am still very happy in the relationship–but yes, there was a certain amount of debt involved when we first married—I had no debt but my husband did, and once we married it became my problem as well. There were also times when one of us was out of a job and the other had to financially support the family–those were very tough times, but love and sensibility got us through it, and now we are doing well!
    Saw your name on my blog as a follower–I just subscribed to your blog via email and am now following you under the name Marciakesterdoyle. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Okay I will sound jaded but I agree with you. It used to be a good idea to combine incomes and work towards buying a home and establishing a life. Unfortunately these days the thought pattern is to survive as opposed to nesting. I personally feel that Marriage is a religious union and not a financial one.

  5. No, marriage is not worth destroying your health, happiness and self esteem. I have been married for more than two decades -now divorced- and all I got out of it was cooking, cleaning, insults, abuse, loss of freedom to be myself, express my opinion and have friends. Divorce was the best thing I ever did. I would never re marry as I have nothing to gain from it not even someone very wealthy.

    • You are brave Helen for finally deciding to get out of a marriage that was clearly doomed. Unfortunately most people assume that marriage will fill their physical and emotional void but in the end they realize they are totally strangers to each other. Just enjoy your new freedom Hellen and don’t look back 🙂

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